Saturday, 2 June 2012

Rapid Test Management course mind map

I've been to the Rapid Test Management course with Michael Bolton.

I really learned a lot of new things, but also got some things 'clicking together' in my mind with the stuff I learned at the Rapid Software Testing course and the Critical thinking course I did last year (also by Michael Bolton).

Do I recommend this course? Ha! If you get the chance to go to a Rapid Software Test course (or other subjects). Go!

Check schedules on the next websites:

Also Paul Holland will be teaching the course in near future, but I couldn't find his schedule yet -

More and more people share their mind maps on the internet, so I guess people like this. So this is my mind map of the two days.

It is somewhat collapsed, so not fully in detail. And all the objects are on one side, so that it fits in this page. So no full overview, but you will get a good idea about the subjects of the course.

Mail me, tweet, or use other media if you want the complete picture or Freemind file. And of course I am still working on it while I'm studying the subjects the next weeks, months, years :-)

OK, some pictures too :-)
Difficult customer (and brave tester)

Stopping heuristics exercise
Detail of Stopping heuristics exercise cards on the ground