Friday, 13 November 2015

Some emotions about the Agile Testing Days in Potsdam

Sitting in my hotel room, after the conference. I took some time to reflect a bit on the past few days.

Being in the European Championship on Software testing felt like doing a concentrated breakdance for three hours. 

So much stuff that has been said, what I've experienced in workshops and even more important, what was discussed in between all these gives a lot to think about for the next few months.

Crazy wild wild west party

Sometimes this conference seems like one big nerdy professional testing party.

Where should I go? It's hard to choose from all those tracks... Feels like a rush and sometimes had the feeling I had to run from and to rooms. It sometimes was even impossible to escape from a room...

I feel empowered by lot of the talks and workshops and know I'm again a better tester. My colleagues will notice that when I get back home

Although I will fly by plane, after this conference it will feel like this.

THANK YOU organizer's, I really had a great time. THANKS fellow team members for the championship. THANK YOU all speakers and all volunteers. THANK YOU all people I met!

Bye, safe travel and see you next year! If you haven't been to the Agile Testing Days, go next time, it is time well spent.

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