Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Pictures from Eurostar 2012

OK, I took some pictures during the conference with my phone. Mainly I use them for taking notes and use them to reflect later. But they also give a feeling of the overall conference I guess. So I share some pictures here that were good enough to publish on the blog. (if you want the original picture, don't hesitate to mail me)

Ideas is about solving the right problem, by Alan Page

Catch the whole potato, by Rikard Edgren

The passion of the tester. 'If you don't like testing, quit your job', by Huib Schoots

The testlab

Squeeze the chicken in the test lab when you  found a bug.
The community hub, small room. People sharing ideas.

The mind map of 'What did you learn at Eurostar', by Nathalie Rooseboom de Vries- van Delft

Community hub again, a five minute talk

Thinking and discussion at the workshop "Beyond testing" by Marcus Gärtner

Workshop "Beyond testing"

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