Monday, 20 May 2013

Workshop: Discovering tools for testing we use daily

I will be doing two workshops on the Test Automation Day in June, Rotterdam

On the 13th of May I did a workshop at the TestNet Spring event in The Netherlands about test management with opensource tooling Testlink and Mantis. And I liked doing it, so now a new workshop at the Test Automation Day in Rotterdam

Name of the workshop: Discovering tools for testing we use daily
Date: 19th of June 2013, Rotterdam
The participants of this workshop will share information of the tools they use, categorize the tools and talk about their favorite tools.

  1. Small presentation by moderator (background & explanation of workshop) 
  2. Discussion about different kinds of tools (categorizing)
  3. Papers on walls with categories (moderator with participants)
  4. Participants will write down their tools per category (and own name for reference)
  5. Explanation by participants of (some) tools
  6. Maybe some demos if participants want to do so
  7. If there are Laptops around even in groups checking out tools (but I guess this is totally dependent on the situation)

So it’s a relaxed workshop, with fun, but with high interactivity. The number of tools on the papers, the number of participants and how much they are willing to actively participate, influences the workshop, so that it fits the specific group at the moment.

I said "two workshops". The second one will be the next day, the 20th of June in the Testlab at the Test Automation Day.

This will be something like the first day, that will depend on the number of participants and your feedback.
Will I see you there?

Rob van Steenbergen

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