Tuesday, 22 October 2013

I am a finalist in the European Software testing awards.

Yes, that's right, I've been nominated for the European Software Testing Awards for the category 'The BCS Best Overall Project'.

This because I wrote to them about my side-project I've done in my spare time, the website and service to testers via testevents.com

This was my entry

Setting up a worldwide calendar for test conferences
This is an overview of a small and personal project, it’s maybe a different kind of ‘testing project’ as you would expect to see as an entry for TESTA. Not a project in which software is tested (although during creating of the website I did test all features), but still with the goal of delivering quality information about a specific subject. This is a contribution from me to the test community, which started off as a hobby and now is part of my daily work as a tester. An idea that started a few years ago, without realising I then would start seriously with a website. But also a project that has no ending and is evolution based in nature because there is no hurry, no stress, no limitations in time and very low to no budget.

And am I happy with this?
Of course it is great to be nominated and to be in such a kind of position as a one-man company. I really try to put something into my special project. But still I have some mixed feelings about it. It is great to put a logo like this on my blog and website, but otherwise... I don't like going to award ceremonies! I'd rather be at a great testing event evening or have dinner with some testers I know, talking about testing we did and do. 

Some things that made me suspicious
  • It was strange to be called by the organisation more than once to ask me to enter for this award. They really tried to convince me to enter on more than one category.
  • I had to pay to enter the awards
  • I had a lot of calls to buy a 'table' for the awards or a place and they were really trying to sell that too: "If your name is called out and you are not there..."
  • Award evenings can be fun as part of a test conference, this is really a stand-alone show, even with a well-known host from the British X-factor
So, some suspicious mind I guess? Maybe I misplaced their enthusiasm for 'trying to sell', I don't know yet. I guess such an award could help getting testing noticed more with companies and also the importance of it in the IT industry, because we still have a long way to go on that one.

Why did I enter?
Two reasons:
  1. I'm very proud on my website testevents.com and what I did last year with the website. I know a lot of people use the website to their advance and I'm glad to help out.
  2. Maybe it is a good and a cheap marketing / advertising opportunity. My budget is very limited, still I want more people in the testing world to at least know about the website.
Do I even want to win?
Yes of course, I only don't like a stand-alone award ceremony 'show' for which you have to suit up. And even that I could survive, because you can do a lot of networking on this evening. But the costs of not working for a few days, travelling and hotels is too much for this kind of event. -for me- 

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